Stanley 7 Jointer Plane 2.3/8In 1 12 007

November 7, 2019 - Comment

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Anonymous says:

Not correctly assembled; Tote smashed upon delivery; Difficult to believe this is made by Stanley Not correctly assembled and Tote damaged upon delivery:- Bolts holding Frog in place were very loose.- Chip-breaker was fixed very high on Iron.- As a result, the Iron was extended a very long way through the mouth (luckily Iron was not damaged)- Bolts holding the Front Handle were very loose.- Bolts holding the Tote were very loose.- Plastic Tote was smashed at the front mounting bolt.The bolts had clearly not been fully torqued before…

Anonymous says:

Great tool, poor handle In general it’s a good solid plane – I’m guitar building and using this to achieve very precise gluing edges on a shooting board – and it has done the job – however it looses a star for the awful plastic handle which can’t cope with the weight of the tool and has already broken- sourcing a quality wooden replacement is proving to be a challenge- I may have to make one – which seems like a waste of time…

Anonymous says:

Great product Took me some time to set up the plane properly. The blade needed sharpening for my needs. Extremely happy with the plane, best jointer I’ve owned so far.

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