Trend CRT/MK3 Craft Pro Router Table for Joinery, Furniture, Shaping and Moulding Applications

November 7, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Lovely piece of workshop equipment. Good solid construction and a lot cheaper than getting it from Trend directly. Let down a bit by the spanner supplied not being up to the job, but most people buying an item like this will have their own assembly tools. Just wish Amazon supplied the full range of bases because the universal base isn’t (universal).

Anonymous says:

Well constructed and feature rich router table for semi-serious work. Remarkably good for what it costs. No, it’s not a heavy duty bit of site equipment but then, it’s not intended to be. What it is is more than robust enough for reasonably regular use and for the price, it is very well designed, constructed and appointed. I feared the worst but am really very impressed with this. For sure, it’s a bench top table; it is too short to use on the floor unless you like kneeling but that’s not a problem and shouldn’t surprise anyone who looks carefully at the…

Anonymous says:

It is what it is, if you want better! Spend more money. At the end of the day it does what you want it to do, you have to spend a bit of time setting it up, the center plate is not that great, when you doing small pieces of wood it shapes it an angle and not straight because it drops down so you need to make up a good slide, was also putting 4.2mtrs threw it with roller stands I might add to do my own skirting apart from the start and finish because of the drop in the plastic plate that holds the router……

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