TACKLIFE 1700W Sliding Mitre Saw, 40T Blade 305mm for Wood, 3Meter Core Length, 3800RPM, 240mm Extension Bars & Dust Bag, Double-Bevel Compound (-45°- 45°)-PMS03A

October 9, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Better than I expected – nice quality. I managed to burn the motor out on my old pull-down mitre saw half way through a DIY project so I was looking for something a bit more substantial that didnt weigh too much.The quality of this saw is very high and straight out of the box you can be up and running very quickly.Its simple to adjust the angle of the cut by using the quick release handle at the front of the base – just squeeze the orange lever and slide the baseplate round to the desired angle.I do a fair bit of…

Anonymous says:

Fine for cutting rough but does not cut square. The saw cuts are off square, around 0.5 mm over 50mm. OK for construction work but a pain when doing fine work. The problem seems to be there is play in the base table and you can move it a degree either way when locked.

Anonymous says:

Very useful for angle cuts but very heavy As an interior designer, I’ve used this on decorative work that requires quick angled cuts. For example, wall beading or door panelling at a 45 degree angle. This is my go-to product specifically for this type of work as I prefer to use my lightweight cordless circular saw for straight cuts, unless I already have this mitre saw out and set up…this leads to my critisicm of the product. It’s very heavy and the clamps are not well designed. I don’t like taking this with me to jobs as a result.

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