Spontex Catch & Clean Indoor Rubber Broom and Dustpan

November 1, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Good to have a vacuum to hand, to get the hair bunnies and debris that comes out I was really struggling to get dog hairs and human hairs out of my carpet, I bought this when I was looking after a labrador who was shedding by the bucket load. This broom got everything up, including the human hair… It’s amazing

Anonymous says:

”Great product!” Excellent delivery time,Great product, does what it says it does.Did not realise just how much cat hair I had still on my carpet after hovering, as you can imagine having 2 indoor cats, they do molt quite a bit.I had in the past used damp rubber gloves (which was back breaking work)to brush the hair into piles for the vacuum to suck up.Saw this broom & very handy dust pan, read the comments, & thought I might as well give it a go.How pleased was I, not having to…

Anonymous says:

Great for carpets and laminated or tiled floors This is great love the way it cleans my carpets and rugs. The pan bit is really good has a good lip which runs close to the floor. As some one of the older generation it would be good to have a handle on the pan some how but when we put our foot on to it as suggested it makes it very efficient. Picking it up is hard for us. We like these rubber brooms they are really great even in a pet free home .

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