Silverline 909067 Extra-Long Screwdriver Set Slotted & Phillips 6-Pieces

February 14, 2020 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Just the job Arrived on time, seem well built, sturdy, and long……….Handy for getting at securing screws on panels that are recessed.Have been using them for two months now, no issues, but have left the mark for ‘sturdiness’ at 4 stars, though so far no issues.Would buy again.

Anonymous says:

They do what they are required to do, Give … They do what they are required to do, Give you reach into awkward spaces but the tips, which appear in the photo’s to be hardened are actually just tipped paint of some kind. Anyway, the black tips on my set are all flaking off. I haven’t had any fail so assume its a marketing ploy to make you think they are stronger than they are. Or even cosmetic… to make them a little bit more attractive. Who knows. OK for the price.

Anonymous says:

Not as hard as they look Used the pozidrive to undo just 12 screws and already the head was being damaged by the screw, usually the screws are damaged by the head.They look Good and seem reasonable strong, but not very strong practically. They really don’t appear to be hardened.

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