Rool & Stroll Premium Carpet Protector – Self adhesive floor protection for carpets – 75m – Yellow

November 2, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Clingy BFF Once it’s down, this product is great protection for your carpet. However … if you are putting it on a staircase I recommend that you get help. I started laying it on my own, but had to rope in my 12 year old to assist by holding the roll as I smoothed it over the carpet from the top down. The task was slow and backbreaking and, as the roll was shorter than the width of the stairs, afterwards we had gaps to fill with small strips cut from the roll. The protector is very sticky and if a…

Anonymous says:

Works well and I found it easy to lay. Good for sealing doors too… Before buying this I saw other reviews suggesting it was very difficult to put down. I found it very easy.We were having a wall knocked down upstairs and I was under pressure to get this stuff down in the 30 minutes before we left to go on holiday. I managed to run this down the stairs in three minutes, and it is still in place and intact four weeks later seemingly doing a good job.I’m really not sure what issues people are having getting it laid. I can see how if it…

Anonymous says:

Great product when decorating or need to protect carpets from building work Our builders used a similar product on our stairs earlier in the year to protect the carpet from plaster and brick dust.I am now glossing all the woodwork up both sides of the staircase and this product came to mind.I started laying it from the top so gravity was on my side – simply unroll, stick to carpet, drop down to next step and repeat until you hit the bottom.25 metres goes a long way – I put two layers on our stairs as one width wasn’t wide enough and then covered the…

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