Rapid Staple Gun for Hard to Access Surfaces, All-Steel Body, Pro, R30, 20510850

November 11, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Dont buy this item This was the second stapler I’ve bought in three months and have had this last one for about six weeks in which time, I have used it to upholster one chair and do three chair pads. Today, during a week long summer school the spring inside the tool operating the gun mechanism broke – the second time it has happened to me. I was annoyed and it seemed that several of the ladies in the upholstery class had had similar experiences with their ‘Rapid’ long nosed staplers. There is obviously a fault…

Anonymous says:

Unreliable design and/or manufacturing standards I used this to reupholster a chair, worked fine for a couple of days. Got it out from the cupboard again today- it lasted an hour then the spring action completely broke. The handle has no pressure at all- my husband had a look at all accessible pieces but declared it ‘ totally knackered’. Very disappointing for a fairly expensive stapler used twice!

Anonymous says:

Five Stars Excellent tool.

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