Faithfull 9.1/2-inch Block Plane in Wooden Box

November 2, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Nice body shame about the blade The plane body is great, far better than I expected at this price point. Seems quite well designed and made and comfortable to use. Even the box it comes with is “nice for the price”. So why only 3 stars – because the blade is rubbish.I expect to sharpen the blade of any tool I get (even much more expensive ones). I will confess to being rather fussy and all my cutting tools are razor sharp (my colleagues pull my leg about this – but still like to borrow them). This blade was…

Anonymous says:

Great learning opportunity Well, it’s pretty and has a nice weight, the brass is nice and so is the box. A couple of nicks in the cap iron at the back, but hey, it’s cheap. A bit (no, a deal) of play in the fore & aft adjustment of the blade, but it works, as does the lateral-adjustment lever.However: the throat won’t close to less than 4 mm, which is away too wide, and won’t stay set: as you use the beastie it gradually comes loose again. If you plane with a finger on the locking knob you can feel it…

Anonymous says:

this is first impression review. The blade is only … this is first impression review.The blade is only 1,5 mm thick which is absolutely too thin for any type of plane. i ve already ordered new bladethe mouth opening lever does not alow proper closing the mouth for thin shavings , at this moment I have not decided yet to remove the lever and replace it with ordinary washer or file the lever to alow full closing the mouthsecond impression – please do not buy it- the blade is a garbage- you can not sharpen it…

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