Draper 14037 35 mm Hinge Hole Cutter

November 11, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Perfect holes everytime I am adding a few cupboards to my kitchen and had to move the hinges on a door to the other side. I looked around and this seemed to be perfect for the job. It was. Its very strong and so simple to use. It also from a well known tool company so i had no hesitation in buying it. It does the job perfectly and allowed me to change the hinge. For the price you can’t go wrong.

Anonymous says:

Easily added alternate hinge holes in cut down doors for my IKEA fitted wardrobes I was a little concerned how to hold this square when to get an even finish and even considered borrowing a pillar drill. In actuality, Hard to see in the pictures but it has a central point like a flat wood bit so it easy to keep square even with a batter drill as long as you don’t rush it. Took a couple of minutes per hole, taking my time, checking depth and avoiding any noticeable damage around the edges, Made a decent enough job of it. Would have given it 5 starts if it was designed with…

Anonymous says:

Did the job, but not a ‘long lasting’ tool! It was just about OK for the job I bought it for, but now is blunt!I needed a dozen holes in a kitchen worktop, to fit the underside clamps at the joints.The workshops are good quality ones from IKEA.The first hole was so easy, and I had to remember to stop sharpish before the cut went too far.After that it got slowly less efficient, and by the last hole I was having to stop and cool the cutter two or three times.It did the job, but it’s not much use now.

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