Bosch 06039A3370 PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill with 18 V Lithium-Ion Battery – Green

November 10, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

don’t buy i’ve had this drill for 2yrs and it is now useless, smoke coming from the motor it’s been failing for a while and has only had light use fencing etc very poor and i now have to buy a new one.

Anonymous says:

Light and powerful I wanted this drill because my old one is heavy and the batteries are Ni Cads which are wearing out. The speed is variable and there is a small LED that lights when I pull the trigger to show the work area. Gone is the chuck key and fitting a drill is a simple turn of the chuck to tighten it. Its much less heavy than my old drill and the battery last much longer between charges. Needless to say, because its a Bosch its well made.

Anonymous says:

Literally – JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED!!!!!! I am an 81 year old DIY woman and needed the assistance of a good combi drill. My son, a doctor, uses only Bosch tools (not in his operating theatre!!!) and highly recommended this one for me for all the DIY jobs I tackle around the house. I’ve only had it a few days and already its made a huge difference to my ability to cope with all the jobs I need to do. I am sure I shall find very many more uses for all the gadgets I’ve got which fit the drill – how exciting it will be!!!!

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