Amtech R2470 Multi-Function Tool with Axe Head (12-in-1)

November 6, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Great bit of kit I was surprised at the quality of this bit of kit, at first I thought it would be a bit of a cheap gimmick but pleasantly surprised. As an outdoor guy it has proved its worth and is great for short trips out, processing small wood for a small log fire (camping, bush craft wood gas stove). The small axe sharpens up well and if treated properly keeps a good edge. Of course dont expect to fell large branches or trees with it but for small work its great. Sturdy, robust and fits on belt nicely so…

Anonymous says:

Mine arrived today & I was pleasantly pleased, I bought it for fishing and for that … Mine arrived today & I was pleasantly pleased,I bought it for fishing and for that job it is perfect,Qualities surprisingly good for the price and I can see myself making hundreds of twig rod rests with it,I’d definitely buy it again and have already recommended it to my next door neighbour, Dave,another outdoor pursuit gentleman. He was impressed and I believe is ordering one as I type.Cheers !

Anonymous says:

Good quakity. Recommend for home use. Very useful tool. Axe eventually wore through its rubber scabbard but the tool comes with a pouch so isn’t an issue. Very sharp instruments and convenient all in one tool. Pretty weighty. The plier fastening clip at the bottom bent when gripping so could be more sturdily made but overall tool is of a very high quality and I use it often around the home.

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